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Engaging patients today, for a better tomorrow, with the myhealthkey Personal Health Record application.


What is myhealthkey?

myhealthkey is an electronic personal health record (PHR) web application, that allows patients to stay informed and engaged in their healthcare. With myhealthkey patients can view their personal health information, which allows them to track their health over time. Using myhealthkey patients can also book and view upcoming appointments online.

  • Engages patients in their health care
  • Improves clinic efficiency

Key Features

myhealthkey Functionality

Find out what makes myhealthkey stand out, with the key features listed below.

Fully integrated with MOIS EMR

  • Family Physician uses admin access and controls within their MOIS EMR
  • Patients view their information in myhealthkey

Online scheduling and booking

  • Clinics can choose to offer online scheduling
  • Availability can be customized based on the providers’ schedule
  • Patients access online booking through the myhealthkey web portal

Access to lab results

  • Patients can view lab results (Excelleris, Interior Health and Northern Health)
  • *Feature rolling out soon

Access to medical imaging reports

  • Patients can view medical imaging reports (provided by Northern Health)
  • *Feature rolling out soon

Mobile friendly

  • Can be accessed on any current web browser


  • Cloud hosted in Canada

More features to be rolled out soon

  • Virtual care
  • Prescription renewals requests
  • More

Easy Patient Registration

To register, patients can speak with your clinic staff and request access to myhealthkey. Your clinic will then initiate the registration process for the patient. The patient then receives an email link with prompts to complete registration.

Access to Labs and Imaging

Once patients are registered, they are able to access and view their lab results and imaging reports by logging into their online account. *Feature rolling out soon.

Book Appointments Online

Clinics and care providers can set their own schedules and guidelines for online appointment bookings. Patients can then book appointments online through myhealthkey, which automatically load into the MOIS EMR scheduler.

Mobile Friendly

myhealthkey is responsive and mobile-friendly. It can be accessed from any current version internet browser, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Why Choose myhealthkey?

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Integrated PHR

Fully integrated with MOIS EMR.

Engages Patients

Improves patient engagement and awareness with regards to their personal health information.

Improves Overall Clinic Efficiency

Reduces volume of clinic phone calls and appointments with regards to lab results.